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"If your a group of friends, birthday, hen, stag, wedding or anything in-between - The right package can be tailored, organised easily in one place and paid via your own group page"

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We kind of knew what we wanted to do but once we had spoke with someone and decided on our itinerary we were buzzing! 

Had a professional bar brought to our villa, beautiful 3 course italian meal, then a stripper turned up in Army uniform and gave my sister (The lucky bride!) a 1 on 1 dance!

(Full monte btw! :p)

Jess Taylor
Ibiza Hen party 2017

Their villa team were really attentive and communicated everything really well from when we landed and leading up to then also. 

We arrived in Ibiza a bit early, so just dropped out bags off and chilled in Playa Den Bossa. 

We got to the villa for checkin, were walked around and shown everything and instantly felt at home.

Our villa was stunning and we had breakfast laid out each morning like a 5-star hotel!

The quality was much better than I expected and It the team were lovley. 

Keri Louis
Ibiza Birthday party 2020.

The Open bar pass is ridiculously good. We booked 10hrs of it in total and it cost the same ive spent on one night out in previous years. 

We had unlimited free drinks in the same bars as others paying 15Euros upwards per drink and were straight on the guest list to recommended events after our pre party's. 

We all love rnb and didn't realise there was an rnb superclub called Swag until it was recommended. We went for 2hrs open bar in Playa den bossa, then straight in on the guest to Swag, and the whole night cost less than others were paying for club entry alone!

Amanda Mitchell
Ibiza Girls weekend 2019.

Made much more sense arriving with everything booked and was MUCH cheaper.

It is impossible keeping a group of lads together otherwise. You loose each other in random bars, and get hit with hefty tabs left right and center.

Its a bit difficult getting lads to commit to something, but I knew it would be even harder to make a plan or go with the flow when we were there (Have done it that way before)

We smashed a decent boat trip, Zoo package with body painting, tons of open bar, got the stag chained up in a strip club and a giant party busy to pick us up from the airport. 

It was a quality package and 100% made the holiday.

John Doe
Ibiza Stag 2015

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